Valley Forge Fitness 
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fitness
. It's been two years and Valley Forge Fitness still provides a fun, all-around workout with results. The new location near the Please Touch Museum is a great setting and our boot camp family provides the motivation and accountability I need to stay committed. Jerry Washington's knowledgeable instruction and positive attitude will keep you mentally and physically challenged...and coming back for more.
-Carla F.

Valley Forge Fitness is fantastic. Jerry Washington is a committed, knowledgeable, enthusiastic trainer who makes the experience fun, interesting and always wonderful. He tailors programs to individual fitness levels, he monitors progress, encourages people to do their best and he mixes up the exercises. No two days are ever the same.  Valley Forge Fitness is the absolute best and it changes lives for the better.  I love it!

-Fran B. 
Valley Forge Fitness offers boot camp during the week, yoga classes or a yoga/cardio blend Saturday mornings as well as fun group activities like Mud Runs and Rock Climbing. Jerry has a positive attitude and an infectious energy!! His knowledge of exercise, overall fitness and anatomy is comprehensive and he is an incredible motivator. These elements are the keys to an amazing personal trainer and boot camp leader. I would highly recommend Valley Forge Fitness to anyone who is looking to achieve fitness and weight loss goals either one-on-one or in a group boot camp. I've worked with Jerry in both settings and have always been impressed!! The workouts are efficient and extremely effective and Jerry's encouragement throughout drives you to supersede your own mental blocks and limitations. If you have the opportunity to work with Jerry and Valley Forge Fitness I would recommend that you jump at the chance! It's a fitness revolution!
-Laura R.
I've been a bootcamper since June of 2012. I do have a free workout facility and classes at my office, yet I prefer to work out with Jerry and my fellow campers every day of the week. The intensity of the workout is suitable to the most fit of athletes.  Most importantly is the fact that all of the exercises involve just the campers' body weight - so no weight to drop or egos to be intimidated.  Also, Jerry makes sure that we warm up properly at the beginning and stretch at the end...allowing us to work out every day and minimize injuries and muscle fatigue. Lastly, the comradery that I have built with the group also  makes the workouts fun and encourages me to come back each day. You should definitely check it out.
-Terry B.
.Best fitness program I have ever joined. And at 6am, there is never an excuse for not making a class. If you are motivated, you will do well with this program. Jerry Washington is a great trainer and will keep you on track to meet your goal weight in no time.
-Seth B.  
Valley Forge Fitness is one of the greatest workouts that I have experienced.  I am pushed to my limits on a daily basis...and the results are rewarding.  Since each workout is different and there are always new exercises being introduced, I never get bored and it keeps me physically challenged. The positive atmosphere created by Jerry and the other boot camp members keeps me motivated and makes it fun to attend! 
-Marisa V. 
Valley Forge Fitness is the only reason I can continuously get out of bed at 5:30 in the morning. I have not been able to keep up such a steady workout regime since I was on a team sport because that's exactly what this feels like. Jerry is an excellent coach and with the other bootcampers, I'm excited and challenged by every single workout.
-Amanda S.